Renee B. - Sports Performance Client

“Before working with Khalil, I felt unprepared for my first year of collegiate field hockey. I was also unsure of how to properly work my body out with the maximum results. Khalil helped me to gain confidence in the gym by showing me proper form, how to work out different muscles, and that even though you may start with a small amount of weight you are only going to build off from where you started. Alongside lifting weights, Khalil worked on my agility and reflexes. Each of these things has increased my agility on the field and my hand-eye coordination. My original goals were to become faster and learn how to lift weights properly. My results showed that I was not only faster but, I could be comfortable in a gym and use proper form, I lost weight, my mental headspace was better, I had better reflexes, and most importantly learned that training takes time. Without Khalil’s help over 2 1/2 months, I’m confident to say that I would not be a starter as a freshman on my college field hockey team.”

Khalil BatahComment