Mandy B. - Mother of a Client

“My daughter started training with Khalil the summer before heading off to her freshman year of college where she plays a fall sport. Her pursuit was to have a serious workout plan, gain physical strength and agility, and to properly learn weight lifting techniques. She received so much more from Khalil. He brought a holistic approach to her training. Yes, he helped advance her physical preparedness, but even more important in his eyes was developing her mind, mental strength, and confidence. Throughout the summer Khalil kept in touch on her progress which impressed me very much that he cared enough to take the time to reach out. At the start of the training he explained the program, and what both my daughter and I could expect over the next two months. He set her up with appointments with an Edge nutritionist and sent her home with extra workout plans. Each week he helped her advance to a new level. It was apparent Khalil was invested and sincerely interested in helping my daughter grow. Upon arriving to her school for pre-season training she felt confident and prepared among her new teammates. Physically and mentally she felt in great shape. Since then she has played every minute of every game this season and she is thriving in the academic and social aspects as well. She feels this is a result of working with Khalil. She has told me multiple times how happy she was in choosing the Edge and that she was paired with Khalil. As a parent I truly appreciate Khalil keeping me informed and involved.”

Khalil Batah