Beginner's 1 DAY PER WEEK (3 Month Program)

Beginner's 1 DAY PER WEEK (3 Month Program)


Have you ever considered strength training? Or, do you believe that it’s reserved for the likes of jocks you went to high school with and bulky “gym bros?” Do you have an idea of what you want to accomplish in the gym or does it feel like crossing the dividing line of a foreign border?

Though it may seem that the “gym” has no relevance to you, your personality, or your lifestyle in general, the truth is quite the opposite. It takes a certain amount of strength to get out of bed in the morning or even to press buttons on your TV remote. Force (strength) is expressed by multiplying mass by acceleration, the lower either of those units are, the less force can be applied. Mass can be increased by strength training and proper nutrition.

Thus, I have created a beginner’s 3 month exercise program utilizing corrective exercise protocols, and strength training to help you get back into shape or learn to exercise if you have never been in a gym before! All movement begins with the core and for this reason, core balance and strength will be implemented throughout the entire program as well.

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