Who am I?

Since I could walk, I’ve loved all types of exercise. I began playing team sports such as soccer and basketball and then transitioned to individual sports such as track and field and cross-country running later on. I invariably found a particular affinity with Eastern martial arts and self-defense; some might even call it an obsession. As a child, I had a total fascination with Bruce Lee, his way of living, his training, and his philosophy on life. I was so inspired by Lee’s philosophies and healthy lifestyle that I decided to take my own martial arts training to the next level.

After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder, I decided that I wanted to dedicate my life to martial arts and fitness by moving to Hong Kong to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu from the source. What I learned there was invaluable. Having gained two completely different perspectives, one Western and one Eastern, I developed a well-rounded mindset toward exercise, diet, health, medicine and other aspects of fitness. Many people view exercise as an annoying chore that they know needs to be done but hate doing. Another way to view it is as a tool and a mechanism for strengthening the mind. Part of the reason I am a personal trainer is to experience that fleeting moment when a person pushes their body beyond what they thought was possible, making their eyes light up as they realize that this is a skill that can be learned, developed, and applied throughout all areas of life.


My Philosophy:

Everything is interconnected and must remain in balance. The existence of dichotomies themselves are not the problem. The problem lies when one side overwhelms the other. It is important to remain balanced in all areas of life because inevitably, imbalance leads to the entire structure crumbling down.

An Aspen (tree) grove looks like many separate trees on the surface, but they actually all belong to one organism underground with replicate genetic codes. The root system may lie dormant for years before the conditions above ground such as climate, ample sunlight, and precipitation permit the trees to grow. Once the conditions are right, an entire forest may begin to appear above ground...Fitness and body transformation goals are no different. It takes time to become exceptionally healthy, achieve all of your fitness goals and surpass limits you previously thought impossible. I am just one piece of the puzzle you need to construct in order to become healthy and then maintain the vitality for the rest of your life. Become an alchemist. The hard work and sacrifice it takes to achieve such a venture are more onerous than simply losing weight, but infinitely more rewarding.